Brand New Year!! :D

It’s here!  A new school year… classes, teachers, sports, friends.. possible relationships 😉 haha (you know you been thinking about it too!)  After such a short rainy summer, I’m kind of excited to get back into it.  If only school started at noon ahh? 😛   I hate to admit it, but one thing I miss […]

Have a great summer!!

So we’re wrappin’ up No Makeup Mondays for the summer.  🙂  I really appreciate everyone who participated in this, and/or read the notes!  Thanks for bearing with me, writing is definitely not my thing! haha  But that’s how God works, He sometimes uses us in our weaknesses, to make us humble and prove He’s in […]

Just 1 step away

Prom was the buzz of the week.  Everyday, tons of people ask me if anyone’s asked me to prom yet. My answer? One big fat NOPE!  LOL!  Okay, it wasn’t that funny.  I have to say, I was a little disappointed because I heard a bunch of guys were thinking about it.  Of course I […]

Focus Please!

One super attractive feature I look for (and I hope to have), is knowing what you want and working hard to get there.  Whether it’s a future job, a skill like playing bball, learning a song on the guitar ;), or just getting good grades so you can have a better future.  Not getting caught […]

How to apply makeup ;)

Make sure to wash your face before you apply any makeup. You want to start off with a fresh, clean slate. Moisturize with a good face moisturizer. With your concealer, cover any dark spots or blemishes.  Then, use your foundation to even out your skin tone. With a sponge, lightly dab the liquid onto your face. Now you get to […]

Not all That. :/

This year, our team went to the Elks Tourney in Valdez.  There were 3 other cheer teams in the competition and our team was looking really, really good. 🙂 People would tell us that we were an “amazing” team, and that they knew we were going to win! We spent 2 of those days learning our state […]

Wearing your personality

How easily are we swept into the crowd?  For some of us, it becomes pretty easy.  When I first got back to Kotzebue last fall, just about every day someone commented on what I was wearing.. in a bad way.  Why are you so dressed up?  Are those flats? Christian girls can wear makeup?  Why […]

Are we cool?

I have to admit, I can appreciate a good looking guy when I see one. 🙂  I mean, God gave you those looks for a reason!  haha  But then what?  What if a guy is good looking, but messed up?  To me, it just makes him wayy less attractive, which is like a waste of a good […]


So far we’ve been talking about confidence, changing the way we look at each other, not settling in relationships, and not comparing ourselves to others. That’s all good stuff, but I realized that for most people, it’s easier said than done.  Some might even think it’s pretty impossible.   NMM isn’t just about not wearing makeup […]