Power Play to the Extreme

“He said he loved me.  He said he would always protect me.  He was always so sweet and gentle…” Truth?  He was super jealous, always wondering where you were and who you were with.  He called you every 5 minutes constantly interrogating you and always questioning any contact you had with any other guys. He […]


So I was doing a little research for this weeks’ NMM’s and I struck gold y’all!  I decided to do a lil spin on Bro-tips, call it Chick-tips and ask a few of my guy friends what they wish girls knew (only I said, “What are some things guys can’t stand about girls?” lol).  Comments […]


Not even 2 weeks into the school year and it starts. ‘So and So messed around with Whats His Face’ seems to be the theme so far this year.  I usually try to stay away from that stuff but recently was caught up between 2 friends and didn’t know what to do.  One friend told […]