GOT JUNK? – Monday, Oct. 22nd

“Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere! Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share!”  Anyone else remember the most annoying, catchiest song in kindergarden?! The song our whole class sang when we would pick up our fake dishes in our fake kitchen set while playing house with our fake husband. lol Maybe I was the […]

He Sees Me – Monday, Oct. 15

Have you ever felt used?  Was someone ‘nice‘ to you in order to get something they wanted?  And when you finally figure it out, it’s embarrassing and feels pretty crappy on so many levels.  Now we have trust issues, rejection issues, and insecurity issues.  Why would they do this to me when I was so […]

Gravity – Monday, Oct. 1

It never fails.  One day I’m doing great, feeling good, super positive and right with God…  then all of a sudden, literally out of the blue, I find myself swept up in negative thoughts or I’ve done or said something I shouldn’t have.  Every time!  And it’s usually within just a couple days of my […]

The Good Life – Monday, Sept. 24

This morning in church the preacher was reading some verses and one of them stuck out to me…  It talked about people being despisers of those that are good (2 Timothy 3:3).    That one hit home a little.  To be honest, I’m pretty self-conscious about people thinking I’m too ‘goody-goody’ or ‘perfect’ and I […]