BIG Secret

Sexual abuse. Incest. Molestation. Words that make everyone cringe. Words you wish you didn’t know the meaning of…   Growing up in rural Alaska, these are things many people know about even before we know there are words for them.  But they can affect us every day of our lives if we let them, sometimes […]

Lets GO! Monday, March 18th

This last week, my family went to Nome for the Iditarod Outreach, a mission event where 120 people come from all over to volunteer during this huge tourist event. They worked concessions, cleaned the gym nightly, worked the dog lot around the clock, gave out hot drinks and Bibles-in–Buckets, ran supplies to Safety, set up/served/cleaned the Iditarod […]

Gotta Have It!

Lots of people were in the big city of Anchorage last week.  That usually means 3 things… food, movies, and shopping!! 😀  I went for a week and had a ton of fun running around.  It’s funny when you’re in the vill, you don’t really think about buying anything, except snacks. haha But when you’re walking […]

Blank… Monday, Feb. 25th

I usually look back at my week and see if there was anything that stood out to me, taught me a lesson, or things I had trouble with. Well for two days straight, I was thinking of a topic for this weeks note, and I came up with… nothing. Absolutely nothing. I already wrote enough […]

BroTips! Monday, Feb. 11th

(Most Popular NMM from last year so I re-posted!) I heard a compliment this week that made me smile.  Someone told me that guys at school were saying that the girls were actually looking prettier without makeup.  Whaaat?!  That totally surprised me!  The comments I used to hear before NMM when I didn’t wear makeup […]