BroTips! Monday, Feb. 11th

(Most Popular NMM from last year so I re-posted!)

I heard a compliment this week that made me smile.  Someone told me that guys at school were saying that the girls were actually looking prettier without makeup.  Whaaat?!  That totally surprised me!  The comments I used to hear before NMM when I didn’t wear makeup were, “you look tired” or “are you sick?”  lol

brotip#1 – Never. Ever. Tell a girl they look sick or tired. haha

brotip#2 – If you think a girl looks nice (not hot) and you’re not a creep, it’s ok to tell her.

brotip#3 – If you give a girl a compliment, don’t turn around and talk nasty about her with the guys.. it WILL get back to her, and it’ll move you to creep status.

brotip#4 – If a girl smiles at you or talks to you, it doesn’t automatically mean she likes you.  Try, TRY to consider her a friend so there’s no awkwardness.

brotip#5 – When it comes to cologne… less is more 😛

Yep. Just as you guessed, this ones for the guys.  Girls, feel free to share on their walls! 😉

Guys these days.  They can be awesome, cute, sweet, kind, emotional, truthful, considerate, and respectful.  Really?! haha  Somewhere… in each one, there are these amazing qualities just waiting to come out.  The problem is, right now, their dream girl is Katy Perry or some Victoria Secret model.  Their favorite artist is Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa. They’ve stopped looking at us as sweet girls that just want a real relationship based on trust and respect (haha did you just laugh?).  We girls, at some point, felt like we had to live up to Katy Perry, or sprout angel wings to get their attention.  I think this is why some girls, who are really cool people, change themselves, get with guys, or dress and act like their easy.

My dad told me that when he was in school, guys only acted like that because they wanted to be cool.. so they could get the girls.  Posters in their rooms, talking like pervs, disrespecting girls, and getting with anyone that would put out.  He said what all the guys really wanted (but couldn’t say it) was a relationship, and they wanted a relationship with the girls in school that were the hardest to get, because they had high standards and self-respect.  Interesting huh?  You mean girls act and look easy because they think guys want that?  And guys act like pervs to be cool, but really want a respectable girl?

If only we could start over, and look at each other the way God intended…  or could we?

VERSE: “Stay away from lusts which tempt young people. Pursue what has God’s approval. Pursue faith, love, and peace together with those who worship the Lord with a pure heart.”

2 Timothy 2:22

RULES for No Makeup Mondays:

1) Take the day off from makeup

2) Dress up, do your hair, so your beauty isn’t hidden behind a scrubby look

3) Be proud of the natural beauty that you are

4) Give God glory today!

5) GUYS – Appreciate! 🙂Image


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