Lets GO! Monday, March 18th

This last week, my family went to Nome for the Iditarod Outreach, a mission event where 120 people come from all over to volunteer during this huge tourist event. They worked concessions, cleaned the gym nightly, worked the dog lot around the clock, gave out hot drinks and Bibles-in–Buckets, ran supplies to Safety, set up/served/cleaned the Iditarod banquet with 800 people, etc… It’s pretty amazing to be a part of something like this. I mean, people actually take time off of work, pay thousands for tickets (there were even some from as far as Japan!), and worked together with complete strangers, doing jobs that nobody wants to do. They go, just to help and show love, even when no one sees or notices them, and these people worked harrrrd!!


When I went to Mexico on a mission trip last summer, it was the same thing, we wanted to show people that someone cares for them. We weren’t there to shove Jesus in their face, it was more about building relationships. I remember the first day on our building site, there was a little boy named Fernando.  Even though I was a little nervous on the first day, I smiled and TRIED to speak some spanish to him. He noticed my sincerity and said “caboochi”, which meant “piggy back ride”. He instantly became my best friend. The next day when our team got to the work site, he quickly ran to his house and came back and tried to give me 10 pesos that he had earned, which is worth a lot to a little boy with nothing. It was soo touching knowing that just a simple smile would make such a difference to him. 


Have you ever noticed that it’s the little extra things that people do, that grab your attention and make you wonder?!


This was also a good reminder to me that we don’t have to go on a mission trip to show someone that we care.  Just a simple smile, or picking up trash, or starting a conversation (which I’m really bad at btw haha) can make a real difference in someone’s day.  At school, work, or even with your family, doing something extra that says, “Jesus loves you” can actually be enough to make people stop and think about the reason for the Hope that is in you. 


VERSE: “The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.” 1 Timothy 1:5



1) Take the day off from makeup

2) Dress up, do your hair, so your beauty isn’t hidden behind a scrubby look

3) Be proud of the natural beauty that you are

4) Give God glory today!

5) GUYS – Appreciate! 🙂


Let me know if you want to be tagged. You can check out my other devotions posted in my blog @ nomakeupmondays.wordpress.com.  Don’t forget to ‘Like’ the NO MAKEUP MONDAYS Page on facebook! NMM’s are written weekly by myself Savannah, and my mom, CorinaImage


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